About NCWIE 2009

The National Conference on Women In Engineering (NCWIE) is an annual Canadian wide conference, whose purpose is to encourage, advance and explore the many academic and social norms that stem from having women in Engineering. Deep within the history of science and technology, there has always been a dominant issue regarding female stereotypes and lack of females in such fields. Even today, though our society has greatly evolved, the problem still remains that women are a minority engineering studies.

This year our goal is to push through the barrier and think about the future of women in Engineering, on women today and the issues relating to women in engineering, but it is another to walk away from this conference with the confidence, hope and drive to create a brighter future and to make a difference.


It is a delight for the University of Toronto Engineering Society to be hosting this year’s conference in the heart of the city. As one of the oldest universities in Canada, we plan to offer the same success and value as NCWIE has demonstrated in the past.  We are also happy to announce that this is the first year with the support or NCWIE’s new parent organization, the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES).